Katt Williams Featured In GQ’s, ‘The 9 Lives of Katt Williams’

Posted On: June 7, 2018
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Katt Williams sat down with Devin Freidman of GQ to give his most unparalleled interview yet. The pair delve into the midst of William’s recent career moves, his infamous reputation and fascinating ideologies.

The GQ feature discusses the comedian’s take on life with a refreshing perspective. Friendman highlights the essence of William’s intelligence, confidence and rebellious spirit – an embodiment of him that still remains elusive to many.

The piece includes mention of Williams’ latest appearance in the “Alligator Man” episode of Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’. When the GQ reporter asks Glover if he shares in Katt’s unorthodox theories, Glover replied, “No, I feel him though, I feel him. It’s just like, we get lied to so much, and he knows that. And I think part of his chip is like: ‘I don’t have to believe any of this.’ You know? Which I kind of respect.”

Freidman expressed his initial hesitance to publish certain interview material, at the expense that people would think Katt was completely ‘unhinged’. Friedman told Glover, ‘I have to search my soul and decide whether I’m going to publish this stuff and have a bunch of people misinterpret my point and think Katt is a lunatic, which, even if you don’t agree with his views on physics, he isn’t.’

Glover responded, “People are going to think what they’re going to think. You can’t control that. I mean, like, you can, but then you’re llving your full life for another person…And he’s not afraid – I’m kind of envious of some of the ways that he’s not afraid.”

Forever an enigma, Katt Williams’ signature unpredictability is his audience’s only constant. From his film features in comedies like, ‘House Next Door’ and ‘Father Figures’, to his hysterical standup persona, there is certainly more than meets the eye to this legendary comedian.

Read the full GQ interview, here.

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