Katt Williams Announces Upcoming Netflix Special

Last week (May 16, 2019), Katt Williams appeared on Episode 10 of the Spotify podcast, ‘Jemele Hill Is Unbothered’. During the interview, Williams announced his plans to team up with Netflix for a second special.

His latest Netflix standup, ‘Great America’ will be followed by what Williams refers to as his ‘best special yet’. Designed as an extension of ‘Pimp Chronicles’, the iconic comedian plans to speak his truth on a 6-year federal investigation that allegedly left him at the mercy of a $59 million embezzlement scheme executed by members of his own camp.

Williams reflects briefly on the incident, ‘It’s pretty much just being in your own reality show. You identify that this could very well be a set-up, you approach it as good as you can and then when it goes off the rails you feel a little bit better knowing that it’s being watched.’

Despite the rumored financial losses he’s sustained, it’s no match for things to come. In the interview, it was speculated that Netflix’s payout for his last special, ‘Great America’ amounted to millions with the network planning to shell out double this time.

When asked about the direction of his untitled, upcoming special, Williams explains, ‘Without giving away too much, in my search for [the enemy], we uncovered that [the embezzlement] was actually my people that were involved… I had to take all of the blows without saying what the blows are, where the blows are coming from, what the situation is. I had no idea [the federal investigation] would take that long. So this is a collection of all of those things I’ve been putting to the side – this is that special..’

The comedian reflects on the impact that his loyal fan-base has had on his career over the years, ‘My employer is my fan base and they have never left any of my offerings on the vine. They’ve always made it possible for me to be able to have the hardcore stance and the crazy life that I have because of their undying support..’

Hill and Williams go on to discuss everything from career decisions, life path, recent roles, social backlash, comedy climate and upcoming projects

Before the conclusion of the interview, Katt states, ‘You are the Larry King of your generation, Jemele Hill, I want you to know that. You have brought more out of me in this one little.. yeah – the publicist is gonna be furious..you got at the heart of me.”

To stream the full interview, click here.

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