Mike Epps Drops New ‘Friday’ Movie Announcement

Posted On: May 3, 2018
Performers: John Witherspoon, Mike Epps • Category: Movies, News, News Features

Mike Epps took to social yesterday to hint a new ‘Friday’ movie is in the works. He dropped the news to his followers with an on-set post, featuring none other than Ice Cube and John Witherspoon.


The crew is collaborating on the fourth installment of the franchise films, bringing back the best of Day-Day, Craig and Willie Jones. After a decade since the third film’s debut in 2002, fans were convinced that they had seen the last of the “Friday” series – until now!


The question is, who’s joining the rest of the cast? Can we expect appearances by Katt Williams’ ‘Money Mike’ or Chris Tucker’s ‘Smokey’? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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