D. L. Hughley Films Netflix Special ‘Contrarian’

Posted On: May 14, 2018
Performers: DL Hughley • Category: Comedy Specials, News, News Features, Stand-up, TV Specials

Last Friday (May 11th), D. L. Hughley took the Kimmel Center’s Merriam Theater stage to film his new Netflix special, ‘D. L. Hughley: Contrarian’. This is Hughley’s 11th overall comedy special, his second with Netflix and his first in Philly.


According to an interview with Philly Inquirer, Hughley’s standup special covers ‘a snapshot of how he sees the world right now’. Just when he thought his material had been finalized, everything from Cosby to Kanye happened which evolved the direction of his routine. The comedian is enthusiastic about showing people where he’s at right now with the launch of his upcoming special.

“As I’ve gotten older and been in the game a long time, I think having the courage to say what you see and be willing to stand by what you believe, regardless of what it costs you, is something that I’ve learned. I don’t know that I would have evolved to that if it wasn’t for comedy” (D. L. Hughley, Philly Inquirer).

We’re looking forward to the no-holds-barred special from Hughley, scheduled to hit on Netflix later this year.