‘Comedy Get Down’ Crew Celebrates 100th Show In Style

This past Saturday, ‘The Comedy Get Down’ crew celebrated their 100th show in style. The OG squad consisted of comedians Eddie Griffin, Cedric The Entertainer, DL Hughley, George Lopez and Charlie Murphy. Since the passing of Murphy, the group of comics have continued to tour nationally, in honor of his memory.

Initially, ‘The Comedy Get Down’ began as BET’s first scripted, behind-the-scenes comedy series about stand-up life. The exclusive series explored the personal and professional relationships of five standout comics, following their lives on the road. The production was a hit, taking off after the 10-episode, single season went to air.

Since then, the series has been converted into a highly successful annual tour, with performances by Eddie Griffin, Cedric The Entertainer, DL Hughley and George Lopez. With 11 remaining tour dates in 2018, the comics are looking for laughs in all the right cities: LA, Grand Prairie, Kansas City, Atlanta and Sacramento (to name a few).

Eddie Griffin - Comedy Get Down 100th ShowComedy Get Down - 100th Show

While touring in Nashville, the group commemorated their success with a custom cake featuring all the OG faces of ‘The Comedy Get Down’ and NBA-style championship rings. The custom bling was designed with images of Richard Pryor and the late Charlie Murphy.

George Lopez stated on Instagram, “I asked @officialfantasyrings to create these one-of-a-kind #Chingon rings. The reason we started the tour one one side #RichardPryor – Statue, and our brother who we all loved and honor every show Mr #CharlieMurphy who we lost last year on the other side of the ring.”