Will Smith’s ‘Bucket List’ Airs Standup Debut With Dave Chappelle

Posted On: March 15, 2019
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Back in September 2018, we reported that Dave Chappelle & Will Smith made an impromptu appearance @ the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood, CA. At the time, Will Smith was filming material for his show ‘Bucket List’, where he tackled #3 on his ‘before death’ to-do’s: performing standup comedy LIVE. The pair were joined by Katt Williams, Michael Che, Donnell Rawlings, Michelle Wolf and special guest, Lebron James.




Now, we finally get a look at the episode’s behind-the-scenes footage. Smith solicits advice from Dave Chappelle leading up to his standup debut.

Will Smith made a surprising admission leading up to his performance, “I’m gonna learn something about myself. One of the things I’m already clear about is: I care too much what people think about me; like there’s something I have to earn from people; like addicted to adoration. I thought I had broken that, but as I can see I still struggle with a little bit of a need for approval.”

Will Smith Dave Chappelle

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When confronting our fears, no one is immune to the feeling of uncertainty or some level of self-doubt. Smith’s vulnerability fuels his bravery as he courageously prepares to take the stage,

“The nerves around being judged are huge for me. It’s been a big part of the difficulty in experiencing the joy that I want to experience in this life. Even doing the standup [ if it sucks, it sucks ] but I’m not gonna allow the fear of the disapproval of others to keep me from living the way I want.”

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Dave Chappelle gave Smith his best last-minute pep talk on the ride to the venue, “You said something to me in Vegas that I’ve been thinking about since you said it about ‘confronting fear’ – ‘that’s what your life’s about’. That’s a great f*ckin way to live. But the thing that’s so admirable about it [even myself] I rarely step out of my comfort zone.”

Find out what happens when Will Smith performs standup for the first time, here:


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