Bresha Webb Talks ‘Night School’ With The Breakfast Club

Before Bresha Webb joined the supporting cast of highly anticipated comedy, ‘Night School(with Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart) she was a force to be reckoned with on the standup scene. Webb first began her career in drama, which led to discovering comedy and establishing her onstage voice.

Recently, Webb has appeared on the hit TV comedy series Marlon, which was recently picked up for Season 2 re-runs with Netflix. This year, she debuts as ‘Faith’ on Season 2 (Ep. 2 & 6) of ‘The Last O.G.’ with Tracy Morgan. In film, Webb joins the cast of the upcoming comedy, The House Next Door (starring Katt Williams and Mike Epps) – in theaters on April 1, 2019. She even self-produced her own one-woman standup special – with sights set on Netflix.

On her relationship with Tiffany Haddish – 

‘Tiff I’ve known through standup. At the time, she was doing standup and she actually inspired me to do it. Before her, I’ve never seen a personable woman just being loud and crazy like myself on stage. Tiffany was so approachable and we became friends.’

On Night School –

“So much fun – it was like being in school with all your friends. I get to play Kevin Hart’s twin sister. I think they only cast me because he can look me straight in the eye! It’s a really funny comedy and a different side of Tiffany. Everybody on set (Will Packer and the whole team) are really great.”

Webb reflects on her career and self-growth, “To be here is just such a testimony of faith – it’s wavered, but it’s brought me right back to where I belong.”

Catch Bresha in Night School – in theaters on September 28, 2019!


Check Out The Breakfast Club Interview Below:

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