Star Studded Pryor Biopic

Posted On: October 26, 2015
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The Richard Pryor biopic keeps adding more fierce names to it’s lineup as it begins to film this coming March. Just added: Taraji P. Henderson as Pryor’s mom, Gertrude.

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So far, the line up includes comedian Mike Epps as Pryor, Eddie Murphy as his father; Leroy Pryor, Oprah Winfrey as his grandmother and Kate Hudson as one of Pryors 6 ex wives. In an interview with CR Fashion Book, Taraji delved into art, beauty, and previous roles where she spoke on getting ready for Pryor.

I’m about to play Gertrude, Richard Pryor’s mother, in a Lee Daniels film. You will see her go from this young, beautiful woman who is a prostitute to someone beaten down by life. She has no teeth, no hair—just a broken woman, everything taken from her. And I love her. I’m drawn to characters that scare the shit out of me because I know they are going to unearth something in me.



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