Mike Epps Joins Star-Studded Lineup For ‘The Smoked Out Roast of Snoop Dogg’

Posted On: December 15, 2016
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Comedian, Mike Epps, takes the stage for the ‘Smoked Out Roast of Snoop Dogg’

The infamous multi-platinum artist, actor and TV host, Snoop Dogg, got roasted for Russel Simmons ‘All Def Roast’ on Wednesday night, December 7th at the Avalon in Hollywood. Mike Epps – stand-up comedian, actor, film producer, writer and rapper joined the star-studded comedic cast for ‘The Smoked Out Roast’. T.I., Terry Crews, Paul Rodriguez, Luenell, French Montana, DeRay Davis, Michael Blackson and Tony Hinchcliffe were among the celebrity-comedian crew in charge of ruining Snoop’s rep.

Unfortunately, not much could be done to sabotage the notorious, ice-cool star; leaning back with a grin on his throne, masked by a thick cloud of smoke. After years of being well-loved by everyone, it was almost impossible to find anything worthy of bringing down the King. But, that didn’t mean the set was without an abundance of crowd-roaring laughter. In the audience, Kim Porter, Russel Simmons, Christina Millian, Eric Bellinger, Ray J, Jackie Long and Charlie Wilson were also in attendance to support their good friend.

During the roast of the legendary icon, celebrities Seth Rogen, LL Cool J, Martha Stewart, Tracy Morgan, Desiigner, Sannaa Lathan, and Tony Robbins stepped in for some cheap shots as well, but all in good fun. Snoop later took the stage and eloquently picked off his squad of roasters with an arsenal of unparalleled one-liners.

When interviewed by ‘Baller Alert’, Simmons stated,“People have a hard time roasting Snoop cause there’s nobody that really got no ill feelings for him, nothing to really be mean. We can have fun and all that and we can make jokes about it, but nobody really had nothing mean in their heart for him – so this is a celebration as much as it is a roast. You know, we celebrate Snoop for being a good community member and a good influence to a lot of people. He’s lived a good life, and he’s made a lot of people rich, and he likes to take care of his community, and he’s a big supporter of a lot of our brothers who are in struggle. That, for me, is a big deal.”

Mike Epps caught up later with TMZ,“That sh- was off the hook. We talked about everybody in there, and everybody got talked about… It was all love though. When asked if the segment had to leave anything out, Mike responded candidly with a huge grin, “Hell Nah! It was a ROAST!”

Epps couldn’t have been more clear. The show didn’t disappoint – with incredible ratings, it grabbed viewers’ attention satisfying the expectation that nothing was left unsaid. The comedic star split ways at the end of the evening after a positive exchange of words with Russel Simmons and French Montana.

The man himself, Snoop ‘D Oh Double G’, left his smooth closing statements with the media. When asked if anything had been ‘off limits’ during his roast, Snoop responded,

Nah, because when you step into the batters box, you have to absorb the hit and that’s what it’s about, you know? For many years I been juggling if I wanted to do it or not. A couple networks had asked me and I was like ‘Ah, I don’t really know’ but when Russel (Simmons) asked me I couldn’t say no. So, it’s official like a referee with a whistle, we on tonight.

And so, it was on.

If Snoop’s Roast with Mike Epps and Michael Blackson was this epic, we can only imagine what they’re going to kick-off with at Miami Festival of Laughs at the James L. Knight Center on January 14th, 2017.

The Festival of Laughs Tour will span cities across the US and feature stand-up performances by Arnez J, Jay Pharoah, Felipe Esparza, Benji Brown, Tony Rock, Bruce Bruce, Rickey Smiley, Tommy Davidson, Sommore and John Witherspoon. Purchase tickets for your city now on Ticketmaster.com.

Check out exclusive celebrity photos from the ‘Def Roast’ event here.

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