Atlantic City Comedy Festival Features Contest Winner

Posted On: October 13, 2015
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This year, the Atlantic City Comedy festival hosted its first ever competition. Local comedians in the tri-state area were given the chance to win an opening five minute slot on the festival.

The winner of this competition is comedian Davey Lozano from West Haven, CT.  He is currently living in New Haven, CT and has been a comedian for only a short 2 years.

Davey Lozano won 2014 Funniest Newcomer Comic On The East Coast at Mohegan Sun Casino last year.

Davey is also currently competing in the Amateur Night contest at the legendary Apollo Theater in New  York City. The finals will take place on November 25th.

The 6th Annual Atlantic City Comedy Festival has featured some of the funniest African-American comedians in the business such as Mike Epps, Sommore, Bruce Bruce, Finesse Mitchell, Tommy Davidson, and more.   The festival began in 2009 with over 50,000 fans coming together to enjoy the country’s funniest comedy festival.

Don’t miss next year’s Atlantic City Comedy Festival.

Watch the video below of Davey Lozanos experience opening up for the Atlantic City Comedy Festival.

AC Comedy Festival Winner

Contest Winner Davey Lozano backstage with Mike Epps





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