Your April Fools Day Described In GIFs

Posted On: March 31, 2017
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Wondering what your April Fools Day looks like described in GIFs? Find out below.

(You’re not alone, we get it.)


Starting out your day blissfully unaware of what’s to come…

Until you experience your first prank of the day.

You know it can’t get any worse, so you chill out.

Until you get pranked, again.

You try to play it off like it’s cool (but it’s not).

So you get mad.

Then get even.

Halfway through the day you’re too paranoid to function…

So you’ve decided to join forces with a fellow prankster

The first prank you pull together is epic.

But you define your limitations.

Too late, your accomplice is #savageAF

The point of no return has arrived

There you are, contemplating the meaning of life in the midst of chaos.

Wondering if April Fool’s Day is all just a lie.

When people ask you about your day, denial sets in…

Because you’ve seen things you can’t un-see.

But this is how you sleep

Knowing April Fools’ Day only comes once a year!

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