Tyler Perry Announces Release Date For, ‘A Madea Family Funeral’

Posted On: June 4, 2018
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Tyler Perry announced a release date for his 8th franchise film, ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ for March 1, 2019. The comedy’s initial release was set for this summer, August 3, 2018 but has since been moved to next year.

The plot follows a joyous family reunion, which turns into a hilarious nightmare, as Madea and the crew travel to backwoods Georgia for an unexpected funeral, which threatens to reveal sordid family secrets.

The full ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ cast consists of Tyler Perry (as Madea, Joe, Brian and Heathrow), Patrice Lovely (Hattie Love), Cassi Davis (Aunt Bam), Courtney Burrell (AJ), Ciera Payton (Silvia), Rome Flynn (Jesse), KJ Smith (Carol), David Otunga (Will), Quin Walters (Renee), Jen Harper (Vianne), Chandra Currelley-Young (Miss V), Derek Morgan (Anthony), Vermyttya Erahn (Hattie), Christianee Porter (Ms. Shirleen).

Daryl W. Handy, Deedra Jordan, Marisol Correa, Jazmin Johnson, Victoria Hardway, Shaun McMillan, Selena Anduze, Aeriel Miranda, Charles Adams, Ary Katz, Alexa Whitaker, Renah Gallagher, Joel Rush, Bobby Akers, Odin Gomez, Nick Smoot, David Dunston also star.

Perry will both direct and star in the film, produced by Ozzie Areu under Lionsgate Entertainment. This will be the final Lionsgate distributed film for the series, which first began in 2006.

Last year, Perry signed with Paramount/Viacom (active May 2019-2024) for ownership of exclusive content in TV, Film and Short-Form Video. Paramount/Viacom will obtain sole licensing to Perry’s production of 90 episodes of original drama/comedy shows for BET and other networks. The multinational media conglomerate will also gain distribution of his short-form videos.

Next month (July 2018) will mark Perry’s 25th anniversary in the business. In the past 8 months, he has acquired two #1 and a #2 box office hit. His March 30th release of ‘Acrimony’ featuring Taraji P. Henson derived $17.1 million in sales and was reportedly shot in only 8 days. ‘Acrimony’ was his first non-madea drama since Temptation (2013). His successful American Drama series, ‘The Have and The Have Not’s’ was also renewed for its’ fifth season this past May.

Source: Variety

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