Sommore: A Queen With No Spades – In Review

Posted On: January 8, 2019
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Sommore, the undisputed ‘Queen of Comedy’ took home another ‘w’ with her latest Showtime special, ‘Sommore: A Queen With No Spades’. Her signature set captivated the Faena Theater crowd, reflecting on everything from marijuana use, fan love, racial tension, diversity inclusion, cultural resilience, politics, fashion, drama, social media, age and more.

Sommore delivered her material flawlessly for her fourth self-produced and performed one-woman comedy special. Her fresh take on unconventional topics made for an evening of uproarious laughter. ‘The One Chandelier’, notorious for her exclusive material and professionally rehearsed sets, delivered one of her best specials yet.

Sommore: A Queen With No Spades

The comedienne even revealed the derivation of her self-coined nickname, ‘The One Chandelier’.

‘About 5 years ago, I started calling myself a chandelier. And here’s why I call myself a Chandelier: I’m not afraid to have my own individual thoughts. As a chandelier, it’s the one object in the room that doesn’t have to match anything. It doesn’t have to match the carpet, it doesn’t have to match the drapes, it doesn’t even have to match the furniture; it just is what it is. As a chandelier, you can turn on every light in this b*tch, it takes nothing away from the shine of the chandelier. As a chandelier I don’t compete with nobody else, I don’t hate on nobody else, I’m so busy trying to be the best me that I can be. When you do that, you’re living your life on chandelier status.’

With this special, Sommore found the perfect balance between dropping knowledge and speaking her truth while delivering the audience unparalleled laughter. Often times, you see comedians get caught in a tangent of recycled jokes or motivational material that can overshadow comedic craft. However, Sommore let her light shine effortlessly with an impeccable balance of humor and wisdom, that can only be delivered by a polished, seasoned professional.

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