Hannibal Buress Co-Stars In ‘TAG’ Comedy

Posted On: June 12, 2018
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Hannibal Buress co-stars in the comedy “TAG” – in theaters this Friday, June 15th.

The film features Buress, Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, John Hamm and Jake Johnson – five friends intensely devoted to a 30-year, long-standing game of tag. The group dedicates one month a year to the no-limit game where the only thing forbidden are tag-backs.

Inspired by a true story of the ‘Tag Brothers’, the comedy portrays real accounts of cross-country flights, elaborate disguises, home invasion, board meeting interruptions, funeral crashes and serious injury – all for the sake of not being ‘it’.

Buress plays Sable, whose brushes with game have made him so paranoid, he’s sought therapy. Renner plays Jerry – the game’s undefeated champion; Helms stars as Hoagie – the game’s founder; Hamm as Callahan – a corporate exec; and Jake Johnson as Randy – a stoner and recent divorcee.

As silly as the plot it seems, the film’s production was actually no joke. In the 45 days of shooting, the cast reported multiple on-set injuries. Avengers star, Jeremy Renner even broke both of his arms in day 3 of filming, leading to impromptu green-screen casts and CGI edits.

Check out Hannibal’s BMMO interview with co-star Jake Johnson:

Catch “TAG” in theaters this week and let us know in our Facebook post which comedians you would want to be in an epic game of tag with.

Source: Nerdist