Tracy Morgan Throws Shade On Tiffany Haddish

Posted On: June 1, 2018
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Tracy Morgan sat down with Vulture in a recent interview to discuss his latest project, ‘The Last O.G.’

All was well, until he threw some serious shade in Tiffany Haddish’s direction by shutting down questions about his TV series co-star. Fellow comedians and supporters of Haddish were not having it. Lil Rel took to social media, voicing his disapproval.


Since the airing, numerous responses have surfaced in defense of Haddish. Based on Morgan’s downright animosity towards the question, we can only speculate on the source of his disdain. Haddish and Morgan appear to have a completely amicable professional relationship, both on and off screen. To promote the show, the pair even did a number of interviews together with The Associated Press, The AV Club and Vanity Fair, However, recent events have called into question the comedian’s underlying feelings towards his co-star.

Tracy Morgan Tiffany Haddish

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In support of Tracy Morgan, this was his interview. So, we can respect his frustration when the session began off-topic. Morgan explained not wanting to give all the show’s credit to one person – preferring the attention to be on the entire cast, which is fair. However, his combative response didn’t do him any favors – leading viewers to believe that ‘the last O.G.’ is not loving sharing the spotlight on his own show.

In any industry, there is obvious competition. But, everyone was surprised to see the iconic comedian, with his own Hollywood Walk Of Fame star, flinch at the thought of giving another comedian recognition.

When watching the full interview, Morgan backtracks on his statement, “I don’t want to just shine the light on Tiffany. No, No, No, I love Tiffany. But, how I run my set is different.” Overall, the issue seemed to be more with the opening question, rather than with his TV co-star. But, we’ll leave that for you to decide.



In retrospect, Morgan may have been better off just playing it cool, saying he was happy for Haddish, and guiding the interview in another direction with his answer. But, that’s never been Tracy Morgan’s style. He’s the last O.G., so he spoke his truth and gave no f*cks.

Unfortunately, now everyone is wondering – what the hell is Tracy Morgan’s problem?

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