DeRay Davis Dishes All On The Breakfast Club

Posted On: January 28, 2019
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DeRay Davis sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk political corrected-ness in comedy, the trending topic of old tweet repercussions and upcoming projects.

The comedian discussed how the changing cultural climate has altered his standup material, delivery and timing. ‘If you’re able to adapt to anything, you better adapt. There’s always been that line of what you can and can’t say – it depends on when you say it. Something’s not gonna be funny to somebody all the time.’ Davis noted that great jokes are all about context; who it’s coming from, when it’s being said and how it’s being delivered.

He also explains his thoughts on transforming his material, ‘It’s not a hard time if you’re willing to adapt for the moment, there’s always something happening. I’m willing to make my comedy go a different route if it can get more ‘Little’ (2019) and more ‘What Men Want’ (2019) [opportunities]. I’m willing to step back and not say ‘this’, because it’s opening another door.’

Recently, Davis has sold out 3 of his own self-promoted and financed comedy shows for audiences of over 12,000. The comedian has been averaging 4-5 standup performances per day, ‘trying to get the money while they still listening’. His dedicated hustle has made him an excellent mentor in the game; continuing to take new comedians under his wing, ‘I like to guide people who I think they got it, rather than waste time on somebody who is forcing it. It’s seeing someone who really loves the art and the craft.’

DeRay Davis returns as series regular for Season 3 of FX’s drama series, ‘Snowfall’. He will also be performing LIVE @ Carolines (TBA).

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