Kevin Hart Announces Pivotal Career Plans For Coming Years

Kevin Hart sat down with The Breakfast Club, giving his most hilarious yet revealing interview yet. Hart drops his visionary plans for the future, dishing on current moves and calculated career direction. The Breakfast Club didn’t let up though, perseverating on the inescapable media controversies that continue their looming loll over Hart’s career. From the Oscars controversy and old tweets, to offensive party themes and unpopular tour policies, the comedian confronted the unrelenting scrutiny with grace, ease and accountability.

Aside from addressing the routine clickbait questions, Hart was also able to reflect on his upcoming projects and plans. The comedian confirmed his return roles in ‘Jumanji 2′ and ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ sequel. In addition to his recent role in the drama-comedy, ‘The Upside’ (with Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman) Hart is gearing up for another serious role in the TBA film, ‘Fatherhood’.

Amidst his upcoming film announcements, Hart revealed that a new comedy is in the works, to be released by Hartbeat Productions. He also plans on shocking fans this year with a unanticipated jump to TV; joining a full season of an undisclosed show that he says ‘no one will expect.’

Hart elaborated on the advancement of his evolving career, ‘My goal is for 2019 to be the ‘shock factor’ of me and my talent, my acting ability; things that I’m doing just to take people in a different direction. By 2021, I’m going back to standup and I’m gonna put out just a very controversial hour of comedy. I think that’s what Imma do; flip from ‘good guy’ to ‘bad guy’ in comedy. I think it’s needed. I just want to wake people up; I need a flip.”

Hart’s latest film, ‘The Upside’ dropped in theaters last week (January 11, 2019). Filming for Jumanji 2 kicks off on February 1, 2019.

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