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Posted On: August 23, 2016
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Welcome to the brand new Center Stage Comedy! Over the last few months, our team has been working hard on a new experience for all of you. With a new look, a new logo, and new colors, we think you will love the new Center Stage Comedy. Many more features are to come, with optimizations and changes to better improve your experience. Keep a look out for updates and new features to be added.

All New Events Calendar

Let’s be honest for a moment. Our old calendar was awful. Just… awful. We wanted wanted to redesign it as far away from the original as we could. We think we did the job. While changes and optimizations are still in progress, we are excited to show off the new calendar and the new event information page. All of the information you need, including the venue, a link, images, and dates are now listed and shown. No more second guessing who is where and when. We have implemented a new search function for you to enjoy. Simply type the name of the event or acts to see the results. Our calendar is being updated everyday with new shows we know you’ll love.

COMING SOON: FACEBOOK OFFICIAL EVENTS. Coming soon, we will begin to add the Facebook Official Events, generated by Ticketmaster, so you can tag friends and family, get updates on the event, and socialize with other fellow comedy lovers going to the show. You will never miss an important update again. Every time the host posts to the page, you get notified! Who doesn’t want to know about a presale as soon as it goes live? Someone who doesn’t want great seats, obviously.

All New Blog Posts

When we started the redesign, we wanted to make sure you saw articles that were most recent and viable. With that in mind, we have created a Slider that shows brand new posts and news events as they’re posted. No longer will you only see certain articles that are chosen or picked. All of our news is front page worthy news. Don’t worry, you can see older articles than the 5 being shown on the News page.

All New Video Player

Have you ever wanted to just sit back and watch some funny sh**? Well, now you can. On our videos section, we have created a video player that will contain back to back content. No more fishing through articles to find a funny skit, important interview, or information. Still feeling in the reading mood? We have you covered. Articles are still posted below the player and have video included in the article.

COMING SOON: VIDEO SPECIFIC PLAYERS. We find that some people just want to watch some skits, while others just want to see their favorite comedians in interviews. Well, we’re currently working on a player for each type of video that you can navigate to. Then you can enjoy non-stop skits, interviews, trailers, or information without having them intertwined.


We hope you enjoy the new website. If you have any feedback, make sure to let us know in the contact form!

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