Fresh Prince Reboot

Posted On: August 14, 2015
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Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Reboot

According to a report published by TV Line, Will Smith is in the works of trying to return his iconic show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air to television. Sorry to disappoint fans but Will Smith won’t be starring in the reboot but instead will serve as executive producer.  If reports are true, Will Smith will be adding to ’90s nostalgia with a modern reboot of the beloved sitcom, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

According to multiple sources, Hollywood A-lister is keen on the modern-day revival. Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, is in the very early stages of developing a present-day family comedy that puts a new spin on the classic story while maintaining the spirit of the original, Fresh Prince show.

The ’90s Fresh Prince Of Bel Air  launched then-rapper Will Smith’s acting career and ran for six seasons on NBC, before ending in 1996.

Will Smith pleased Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans back in February when he rapped the popular theme song from the beloved ’90s sitcom on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. What seemed to only be a flicker of hope may finally come true.

Click here to watch the video of Will Smith on Ellen.

Maybe the tagline of the reboot should go “Now, this is the story all about how The Fresh Prince of Bel Air got flipped, turned upside-down into a modern reboot”

This year we have seen a series of old shows get a chance to come back to TV. Fresh Prince won’t be the first ’90s sitcom to be revived in the past few years.

Full House is returning to TV with a Netflix reboot, Fuller House and Boy Meets World with Girl Meets World on Disney Channel.

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