Mike Epps Joins ’50 Shades of Black’ Movie

Posted On: August 13, 2015
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Mike Epps is the newest member to join the cast of 50 shades of black

Mike Epps in 50 Shades of Black

It has been officially confirmed that Marlon Wayans has begun filming his newest spoof comedy ’50 Shades of Black’ in Los Angeles, California. Today it has been shared that Mike Epps, Kali Hawk, Jane Seymour , Affion Crockett and Fred Willard will be joining Wayans in front of the camera in the new film.

After spoofing horror movies such as ‘Scary Movie’, ‘Haunted House’ and ‘Haunted House 2′, Marlon Wayans now plans to do the same with erotic romance drama, “Fifty Shades of Black” (you just had to know he would use that as the title). The title has a nice play on words.

Details on plot are still unknown to the public at this time. It is still not said what character Mike Epps will portray in the film.

Wayans doesn’t necessarily like the term “spoof,” as he expresses that the movie will be more of a tribute to the original film, which he hopes both fans of his, as well as fans of ’50 Shades of Grey’ will appreciate.

’50 Shades of Black’ is set to be released in theaters on January 29th 2016.

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